Dating Games: Relationshits.

Writing this feels so gross. Like… really stereotypical and cliche and all of those other words that say basic bitch in a more classy way. But I write about my moods, yeah? So… cool.

Being the entitled little millennial 90’s child that I am, like most of my grunge born babies, I like things on my terms and done my way. So… relationships, fuck that, right? Who has time for that? Who wants to dedicate their time to some smooth talking, beautiful faced, … okay. A guy that is just going to turn out to be your typical millennial fuck boi. Yes, boy, with an i. I’m told that that’s a bit more “savage”. The younger millennials adapt words quicker than they switch partners.

Screen Shot 0029-04-30 at 10.10.30

And that’s not a jab. We millennials are also pretty… what do the baby boomers call it… liberal? In our world full of opportunities, we don’t have the the same sense of needing to settle down in one place with one person, and that’s great!

However… communication is so lacking. Maybe because of the way we change words so much. None of them really mean anything. They’ll change in a week, just as our minds will.

So even though we all say we don’t have time for relationships, we find ourselves dealing with the same things we want to avoid. Endless seas of twats and miscommunications.

Screen Shot 0029-04-30 at 10.09.41

I’ve been talking to my liberal, entitled, want it all, born around the same years these past few days about love and relationships and what that means to us. Most of them describe the same thing of themselves.

“I want one person, but I think we aren’t meant to be monogamous. I think it’s fine for partners to be sexually active with other partners, but emotionally it should be kept between the two people who have love for one another” type of answer.

Which, as a fellow in utero of the 90’s, I get that. We are a have our cake and eat too kind of creation. But is it possible… I’ve met people, and read blogs, of couples that have very successful relationships this way, but they are from the more closed off older generations. My generation… perhaps we lack the proper communication skills and ability to sacrifice that would enable us to be such a way.

We want freedom, but don’t understand that freedom comes with it’s own price. Emotional termoillllllll.

Screen Shot 0029-04-30 at 10.09.45

Because when people say they don’t want to be in a constricting relationship, it’s more, THEY want to be able to do as they please. When their partner expresses their own freedom, tables turn and jealousy, and “WHAT. FEELS?! We have to end this.”

Relationships of all sorts fascinate me. Parents and children. Friends. Siblings. But those of sexual nature and romantics… the differences between actually caring for someone and just trying suppress human loneliness… mind blowing thing to watch and experience.

But I’ve been asking myself… Have I gone a little too deep into it? Has treating it as a science project trying to find a perfect formula to a perfect communication made it all even more superficial than my grunge diapered peers ability to hit it and quit it with no feelings at all?

Perhaps it has. But we’ll tuck that thought away and I’ll continue my basic ass millennial view of, “Ha, well I am but an observer of this life” attitude.

Matane, doves.

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