JAPAN: Expectations vs Reality


2 thoughts on “JAPAN: Expectations vs Reality

  1. Sitting back here in America I’m extremely jealous of the adventure your on, I literally had a conversation with Korey about how mad I was you were leaving not that I was mad at you or that it had anything to do with you but that I was just stuck here. and now Armando and Karen are leaving and there’s all these new people in the office and I don’t know how to talk to any of them cause I’m awkward and stuck in this cubicle all by myself. and everyone is leaving on to bigger and better things and I feel like i’m stuck in cubicle limbo. don’t get me wrong I love my job, but the feeling of being left behind is annoying and I know you know what that feels like. but I’ve started listening to feminist podcasts at work and it makes me feel kind of empowered and plus they talk about sex a lot which makes me feels less naive. who knows maybe when you come back I’ll be a realistic romantic 20 year old who talks about pussy power as a small talk topic. Anyway I wrote this long message just to let you know I’m still noticing you from a distance and reading your blog and I hope that gives you some form of comfort or that it even freaks you out or something. anyway you know who I am.

    lonely cubicle mate 19

    1. You’re going to make me cry! As your senpai (Japanese for senior) when I return it’s my top goal to get a paying job there and be your cubicle mate again! So make sure you are still there! Unless you plan a trip abroad, then I will forgive you. But if you haven’t planned a trip abroad, I will end up convincing you too;) I’ll be looking forward to discussing pussy power with you!! Hopefully I’ll have some empowering stories to share with you.. work appropriate, who knows…probably not. And we all feel stuck sometimes! Even being here, I have moments of still feeling stuck! It’s totally normal. Just know you are bad ass cubicle mate/person. And life is all about just the moment. Take in all that you are doing! And whenever you have the chance to do something you want, take it. Don’t be afraid:) You’re pretty bad ass and are going to do some amazing things!

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