Quick Rant

I ran off to Japan and wanted to forget America for a bit, but I guess with the internet it’s a bit hard, huh? People back home are arguing about whether or not we should keep talking about 9/11. Americans after all, they love arguing. 9/11 is a part of American history. Yes, we basically all agree the war that is still going is pointless and we’ve lost too many since that day. It’s tragic it happened, and the people who weren’t affected by loss think we can just wipe it aside and move on. However, history is made and documented for generations to learn. To learn how to hopefully avoid these tragedies in the future. Would any of us know how awful atomic warfare is if they never taught us in school? If they wrote off what we did to Japan? There would be much more destruction I’m sure. And even if you don’t give a fuck about America or politics or war or terrorism, I think if you lack respect for the people who fought for their lives that day, and the people that have been forced to fight up until now, it has nothing to do with being a bad American citizen, you’re just an empty human being.

This was just a quick rant I needed. I’ll be back to blogging soon.

P.s Japan is amazing.



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