Observer Notes

I’m having a bit of procrastination right now. Kanji is totally killing my brain the past two days, and kind of discouraging as I realise how little I actually memorised from the second part of my summer courses.

So I’m here at Starbucks again for day 2 of mysterious child looking girl-woman. I’ve decided that although cafes are busy and kind of loud and hectic, with head phones in you can actually be extremely productive. Libraries have always been too quiet and dead for me to be able to focus at them. And forget focusing on seriousness at home. But after my few days at Starbucks I’m thinking I’ll need to find a nice cafe near my apartment in Japan to handle my homework and blogging affairs.

I’ve also learned.. pro tip here… that out here in busy Californ.I.A, there is no time for knocking! Whenever I frequent the bathroom I get odd looks as a press my hear to the door in order to hear over the buzzing conversations around me and give a tap tap to the door. So today I’m in a perfect position to understand why my seemingly normal to me behaviour looks so odd. I’ve enjoyed several awkward moments of “oh excuse me, I had no idea someone might be here.” So.. if you’re visiting out here, be sure to lock the door.

Also, did you know the old story of folks wanting to talk because of noticing a book? I guess the old cliche is true. A worker wanted to converse with me over our common read of Murakami’s “Dance Dance Dance”. Not that I’ve gotten far enough to have a conversation about it. So this is how you meet people in the outside world? Guess I should make time to read more often.

Ah yes, a child got lucky and the person in front of him locked the door so his poor eyes were not scarred for eternity.

Tomorrow I’m off to Vegas for a night. Don’t get cheeky… it’s not to reinact The Hangover. Pure business here. ^^ My next few days should be more free. I’ve been working a bit on filming, but this weekend should be more promising for film and photography as I said before.

I’d really love to post some photos now, but then I’d lack for Augusts picture post, so here’s my luggage I painted just because I feel like I can’t have two purely text posts in a row.

Back to the studies and inappropriate music as I resume my role as baby faced Starbucks girl.

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 18.26.45


One thought on “Observer Notes

  1. glad you are having a good time here in la. it will be very hot in vegas so stay cool. and it is always important to lock the bathroom door even if you are not here in la. 🙂

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