Hey Oh~

Currently I’m at a bustling Starbucks in L.A California. I’ve been here since about 8 a.m studying kanji and making calls in preparation to head to Japan on Monday. I think in these past few hours there hasn’t been a moment of peace for the baristas.

I love L.A. If any place has ever felt like home, it’s L.A. I’m not sure why. I’ve never roamed the streets freely or made friends or stayed around longer than a few days, but every time I arrive in this area, a calm surrounds me and I feel at peace.

Even though I hear L.A is dangerous, even though I hate the arrogance that the city carries with it and how much people worry about their appearance and selves, this city is cozy.

I’ve spent the past couple of days traveling. To Chicago, and now to here. I’ll hit Vegas in a few days for a day and then back to my cozy place until I depart for Japan.

It’s been an experience until now. Things are falling into place and time is moving. I’m interested to see where things keep going. I haven’t studied much Japanese since class ended a bit over a week ago. Until today. Today I am intensely studying kanji. Which is why I’m typing now. My eyes are beginning to cross and my head hurts from all the characters. ^^;

Sunday I hope to update several photos for a month in August.

As I wrote for my school blog, I have no idea how much I will have time for blogging. I hope to make Sundays in Japan a day for Holly. Where I can blog for both my platforms and also edit and post videos for youtube. But you know what they say about the best laid plans.

So look forward to photos soon, I know it’s been too long! But I should have some lovely ones by that point!

Ta-ta for now~


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