My Favourite Outfit

Honestly, I didn’t want to officially wear this outfit until I was in Japan. But LOOK at it!

I’m no model, and it could certainly be rockin’ on those babe models, but I feel super cute in this outfit and can’t wait to head out to Izakaya in Japan in it!

Top: H&M
Bottoms: GUESS
Shoes: The same boots as last time;3

Of course I had to get one of those “coy” black and white pictures.IMG_4005_Fotor

The pants are super easy to move in despite being half pleather! And this top actually makes my body look more womanly. It looks weird to me in photos because I’m not used to it at all! And it had me dreaming I had a real photographer to capture me at all the right angles. 

IMG_3941_Fotor IMG_3917_Fotor

With a lot of lace pieces it seems that they are itchy and uncomfortable, but with this top you can’t even tell there’s lace!


The back is full lace, so I again recommend getting some stick on boobies for this top.
(I seriously need to invest.)

IMG_3894_Fotor IMG_3865_FotorThanks for checking it out!

Also.. I filmed a little skateboarding action (well attempted action) for my youtube. Let me know if you’re interested in me posting it here too!




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