1 Month ‘Till Tokyo!

After my last video I posted and cutting out gluten again, I’m starting to feel a lot less anxious and more optimistic. I want as much as possible to mostly only post positive things and keep my gloomy things to myself in my own personal journal.

But at this moment I just felt like writing down things I’m grateful about. Tomorrow is my last day volunteering at my study abroad office. I decided to cut off a few weeks early in order to focus on my studies. But I’m going to miss it there. I’ve met some really wonderful people and in the short time I’ve spent there I’ve grown a bit.

I have become more confident in speaking for my own opinion and a bit about being confident in my own work. As a volunteer sometimes I felt the work I was doing wasn’t actually anything important or beneficial. But the support I have been given from my cubicle mates has really made me feel a part of something. I hope I can join as a bigger piece when I return from Japan.

So I still have a month before I venture across the sea, but I’m faced with my first challenge! Where do I stay my first night!? Typically this is something that would leave me in a sheer panic attack, but a little… I’m excited about this. I always felt arriving would be the biggest shock and give me the most anxiety. This challenge gives me the opportunity to take this new life right by the horns. Already I have realised it’s okay to reach out to my friends in Japan for things such as helping me make a reservation at a hotel. Honestly, it might be a little nice to spend my first night away from the start of my new life in my new home just to have time to process it all. Let’s hope I’m this confident come that time!

I’ve been pretty sad about saying goodbye to people, but something I realised the other day; even though I’m saying all of these good-byes, I’m getting to see people I haven’t seen in years because I’m leaving. I’ve gotten to see my Uncle, I’ll see my Mom and Aunt and Nana in Vegas. I’ll be staying with my older sister in California (who I haven’t seen in almost two years which is centuries for us.) Everyone else I’m used to not having, but my sister has been a struggle. Also I’ll get to see my soul mate, a.k.a: my bestest friend in the whole world.

I’m looking forward to all of things everyone is going to accomplish while I’m gone. I have to remind myself that I have always watched the ones I love from a distance, this year across the sea is no different; I’m just doing a little something for me too.

Because I’m a duel blogger right now, I’ll do my best to keep this blog active and share my experiences here as well so you can get the full Japan experience with me!

Much love to all of you. As always, I thank a lot of my faceless supporters for where I’ve been able to come today.

For you:

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 18.10.58


4 thoughts on “1 Month ‘Till Tokyo!

  1. Wow your cubicle mates sound really awesome and encouraging! I hope everyone in the world can have the opportunity to have great cubicle mates like the ones you have!

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