Something glorious about finding self confidence is being able to start wearing the clothes you like.

Constantly I look at photos of styles I’m in love with, but I always think… I can’t pull that off, or, that outfit will bring too much attention to me. But I’m feeling more now that I just want to express myself as myself. No matter what.

So H&M had a pretty sweet sale and I purchased some things.

Shirt: H&M
Pants: Forever21
Shoes: Charlotte Russe

The shirt material is super cozy, and though these pants I wouldn’t wear in the summer, I’m excited to sport them in Japan this autumn/winter.


It feels great to combine clothes and photography together. My loves.


I thought that the collar and the lace on this shirt took it from a simple blouse to a super adorable shirt that could be worn both in the office and out and about.


I would recommend a strapless bra however and maybe cutting of the back tags if things showing through the lace bother you.


Don’t mind my awkward bird legs. (and un-ironed shirt). But the pants feel like they are made out of strong material so I don’t think (like other cheaper products I’ve purchased) the mesh will rip easily.


They are super easy to move in, and I’m extremely satisfied I finally found a pair of this style that works for me.



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