Vegetables and Equality.

Today I woke up to marriage equality here in America. It’s about time, right?

Someone asked me once, if you don’t believe in marriage, why do you care if ‘the gays’ can get married? For me, when it comes to things like this it’s simple. I don’t care much for vegetables. But that doesn’t mean I don’t think other people shouldn’t eat them, and I would certainly never discriminate them.

The biggest argument anyone has over marriage equality is that it supposedly goes against God.  “Marriage” is supposed to be sacred. And yet… as I look around me I see divorce increase, and learn the many ways people can cheat on their spouses. Please tell me again how sacred marriage is.

Marriage is nothing more than a label. Being able to get married doesn’t change the level of commitment two people have together. It doesn’t change the love that exists between them. Even before marriage equality, it wasn’t going to stop people loving who they love.

Marriage is nothing more than a legal document. So what does it matter who can get married? It’s the fact that in this country we are all equal. Regardless of race, gender, sexuality, what type of vegetables we eat, we all should be given the same rights. For America to truly stand up to its call of promise and equality, the very citizens living here should be able to see that promise.

Through this whole year as I’ve been preparing to leave for Japan I have been seeing the nasty news all through the web of the horrible things in my country. I’ve been thinking, I really can’t wait to leave this place. Of course, there are worse things and places. And every country has it’s faults. But for the place you call home, of course it’s easier to become more disappointed in them when you feel let down.

However, today because of this news I am so happy to see my country taking a step in a more positive direction. I truly hope one day I can look at my country and feel proud of where I come from.

And not only in my country, I hope that around the world people will come together as they have here to fight for the rights of one another. I want everyone in the world to be able to love whoever they choose in public. I want the rich to reach out to the poor. The people who run our countries to give a shit about the people. And for these leaders to also understand we are all different and our differences don’t have to mean war.

We are all people. We all crave similar things. And regardless of what vegetables we like, we should support one another.

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