Chasing the Sunset

I’ve talked about it before, haven’t I? Chasing the sunset?

My friends and I jetted off to South Haven yesterday to watch the sunset. A few unexpected time struggles came up so we weren’t sure if we would make it. My friend driving kept apologising. “I’m so sorry everyone. If we don’t make it, I’m sorry.”


I was able to share with them… “Don’t worry. This is what I call chasing the sunset.” I don’t think they took what I said seriously. That’s something I like about myself. People have a hard time telling if I’m joking or giving away something about myself. I’m not sure how old I was when I started saying, “I’m chasing the sunset.”


As you all know, they sky is my true love in this world. And the sunset and sunrise are some of the greatest marvels. It’s probably the colours. Or maybe the poetic thought that everything ends, but also begins. I’m not sure. But watching the sun rise and fall, especially over water where I feel most at home, always puts me at ease.


Even if they can’t share the same feeling that chasing the sunset gives to me, I am glad I was able to share this feeling with friends. I’m learning that I don’t have to open up and share the things I don’t think others will understand, but I can bring them into my world and show them what I like for them to interpret into their own way.


Chasing the sunset. For me it’s important because I have a tendency to be negative. Endings… I struggle with that. But watching a day end, as the sun sinks behind the clouds and the water, it makes me feel in some ways, I should look for beauty in good-bye. It’s still sad… Maybe there is no good way to describe it.IMG_2234_FotorThis picture was my favourite. The sun has almost disappeared. A duck swims alone. For both of us, we chased the sunset to this place of solace. The sounds of waves surround us as the current of life keeps pushing us on with the wind to our backs. The sun will continue to rise and fall. Just as we will continue to move forward.


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