Thoughts From A Brazilian BBQ

Today I got invited to attend a Brazilian BBQ! I feel like I wrote about the Brazilian girl I met awhile back.. but finally I was able to attend a gathering she invited me to. (More like I finally sucked up my anxiety and went.)

And I am so happy I did! I’ve always wanted to visit Brazil just because it looked pretty, but the people are AMAZING! So friendly and fun and the food… SO GOOD!

They also made a Brazilian drink called, CAIPIRINHA~ I was a little worried about it at first.. They cut up lemons and added sugar then only vodka. I don’t know how you do drinks, but for me I’m always mixing in all kinds of juice. I was sure it was going to be awful, but it was so delicious! Probably the best drink I’ve had this year. I wish I wouldn’t have had homework to do for the week or else I would have had a lot to drink. ^^

I probably gained ten pounds today from all the meat they had. Mostly I ate chicken and a type of garlic bread. But they also had tomatoes, rice, and beef, maybe even pork too. Of course we played soccer! I miss soccer so much. I think I need to start running so I can play with friends more often.

Experiences like this are always so rewarding for me. With my anxiety it’s so easy for me to think I should just be happy with what I have. But meeting new people and experiencing new things are the best things in the world I think.

I get so caught up in my anxiety moods I forget how amazing the world is. I forget how amazing the people can be. I want to travel so much in my life. I want to experience the places my friends come from. I want to know their culture, try their food, and walk on the same ground as they do.

I want these experiences to be the¬†companionship I can’t find staying still.


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