I took you out late that night. Showed you one of my favourite sites. You asked me questions, like what makes you mad? Where is your mom? How is your dad?

What makes you laugh and what makes you cry? As I stared up and laughed at the sky. “This is my favourite spot at night I think. I used to come here after one too many drink. And as my friends went  home with lovers I stumbled home and cried to my covers.” Because that’s the way it is you know. For some of us, it’s how we grow, up.

Truth be told, I took you there to say, I really shouldn’t be feeling this way. But as I looked at you when you looked away, our whatever it was, I wanted to stay. Looking back now, I should have just said, your chest is where want to rest my head. Because then you would have said, uhm no, that’s not right. And I wouldn’t have put up a fight.

We would have then walked our separate ways. And I wouldn’t be feeling so sad these days.


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