The Study Abroad Struggle

A lot of people won’t find this to be a big deal, but if you’re like me and you obsess over getting everything done ahead of time, preparing to study abroad can be extremely stressful!

So much is in the time lines of other people and not yourself. For me, when I see a deadline, I’m like okay, when is the soonest possible I can get this done, even if it’s months before the deadline.

For example, I have to turn my budget sheet of my study abroad program into my financial aid office. So today I decided, might as well get this taken care of. I don’t know about financial aid offices at other schools, but mine is absolute hell to work with. So when I approached the desk a random woman came to spoke over the student worker’s shoulder to inform me that they couldn’t help until my FAFSA was on file. I laughed a little on the inside. (Of course I did my FAFSA forever ago and it was on file already.) But then she insisted I didn’t need to meet with them so soon. Which is probably true… But that’s where the problem lies. I want to get everything done!

For my application to the university in Japan I have to wait on a doctors visit. For my last scholarships to apply to, I have to wait for final grades to be posted. For financial aid, I have to wait for processing. To sort out my new minor, I have to wait to be sent class material from my school in Japan.

I guess this time will teach me a great deal in patience. But currently my anxiety has rocketed because I simply can’t do all I want right now. I would be packed and ready to go if that little part of sanity I have didn’t tell me, ‘Girl… calm the fuck down.’

But that’s where I’m at today…


One thought on “The Study Abroad Struggle

  1. The more cooks in the kitchen the more difficult things become. Hang in there and take things one step at a time. The wait will be worth the reward. (But also don’t forget to stay on top of people to get stuff done) 🙂

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