Forget My Name

The clock strikes 12 as I look to the sea. I dream about what I could be. And as the sun begins to rise, I’ll force a smile and wipe my eyes. I wear a mask, come on let’s play. When will you forget my name? ‘We’re just friends.’ Don’t you dare… When you held my hand you lost the right to care. When you looked me in my eyes, and called me out on all my lies. When you took me off the street and mentioned ‘I just wanted to feel complete’. When you asked ‘why do you always run?’, when I thought… maybe this could be fun.

My thoughts exist like a ship lost at sea. How does someone like that care for me? In whatever way, whatever they feel, a person like that… no it can’t be real. In my heart I know it can’t last. Friendship and trust can’t be built that fast. Who do you think are? Who did I think I was… I just only searching for a lasting buzz.

But in my life.. I should have known. Looking for fun is where trouble is grown. I can’t drown my feelings. I can’t shake the sorrow. And I will still think of you tomorrow. And as I lay in this mess tonight, I’ll wipe a tear, and smile despite. The way my heart can never be fixed, and maybe when the clock hits six, in the morning I will finally sleep. Only to wake in the hopes my phone will beep. But it won’t. And I shouldn’t care. After all, I knew from the start this wouldn’t be fair.

What am I saying… I guess I don’t know. It’s not like I love you. Right, I guess so. I just care about you with all my heart, and it’s harder still that we’re apart, and I hate writing about people. It’s all the same. I am left alone in this game. They all go back to what makes them smile, and I’m am left all the while… trying to pick up pieces again. After all, we are all just friends.

So since this is all the same, when will you forget my name?



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