If Only The Sky Were Closer

Lately, probably because it is January, the sky has been a misty grey.

Ever since I can remember I have looked to the sky for comfort. My sister and I would spend hours laying in the grass making shapes out of the clouds and telling stories with them. We always had this feeling… we don’t belong down here. We used to airplanes fly across the sky and scream to them, “Down here! Help us!” It’s funny… we didn’t know that airplanes didn’t live in the sky. How funny we must have looked to others.

Even when I was small I couldn’t sleep at night. I spend the quiet, dark nights staring out of whatever window I had for the night. The stars and moon were always there for me in a world where no one else was reliable. Is it weird to feel that way at such a young age?

There is something about looking up into the sky. I am longing for a clear day. A day that the sun will warm my pale winter skin and I can watch the clouds sail across the pastel blue sky.

Also, I have an interview for study abroad. It’s crazy… I started this blog almost two years ago I think when I was in such a horrid place. There are nearly 400 of you with me now. And as the days go by it seems I might actually go to Japan just as I’ve always talked about.

I want the sky the lead me on this scary, but exciting adventure. Because unlike anything else in this world, the sky makes me feel like I can do anything. Like there’s a whole world up there rooting for me.

If only the sky were closer.

Shirt: Hot Topic
Socks: Target


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