It’s Only Week 1!?

So I am killing time as I wait for a friend to finish up chatting with an old professor. I can’t believe it’s only the first week of this semester… I’m so stressed already! I am taking a Cell Bios course that already seems to be a huge challenge. I think a lot of chemistry knowledge is involved, and that is my absolute worse area of study. Even more than math…

I am also taking a communications class for my final general education requirement. It seems pretty demanding as well. Those two courses involve a lot of time I will need to spend outside of class studying for. Then I have my baccuralate (spelling is so wrong) writing course… My professor is a huge literature person, so we have tons and tons of reading.

With those courses I am worried I won’t have the focus I want for my Japanese course. Needless to say, I am ready for this semester to be over already.

I am trying to keep positive though! Yesterday I ended up getting dropped from my job! But that should be fixed on Monday. So I’ll be super busy this semester between work and classes and might not post much. I’ll miss taking pictures. But it’s kind of okay. With short hair my photos don’t give the same feeling I like, so I haven’t liked most of what I’ve taken anyway!

I am looking forward to the summer months. I will be taking only my intermediate Japanese classes. Finally! I can just focus on Japanese studies! But I will try to update when I can!

Thank you for your support and understanding<3


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