5 a.m Christmas

I’ve woken up at 4 a.m on Christmas.
I’ve been a bit sad the past few days. But today I am grateful for everything despite how much I’m hurting.

As my house where I grew up sleeps soundly I’ve been pacing around restlessly.
It doesn’t feel like Christmas to me. There was nothing I could ask for this year, but I can see under the tree I’ve been given gifts.
There is nothing I could open that could replace the gifts I’ve been given this year. My heart hurts so incredibly much, but I can’t lie to myself anymore and say that no one cares. I don’t let anyone in… But so many people care.

I’ve snapped some 5 a.m photos. (I wish I had my other camera) My parents always leave the lights on all night before Christmas. It reminds me of being small.

Merry Christmas everyone. Remember to cherish those in your life.

10885563_10152579690658404_6623807455005151407_n 8985_10152579690943404_7984102324264159443_n 10882304_10152579690668404_5979987545389040810_n 10696271_10152579689243404_458316160778942196_n 1620654_10152579690003404_4493469373307611030_n 10882378_10152579690998404_786906540632939353_n


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