School Girl Complex

I wanted to save this here.

“Some of us, in our daily depressions and rages were apt to stray, to become corrupted, irreparable so, and then our lives would forever be in disorder. There were some who would kill themselves. And when that happened everyone would say, ‘Oh, if only she had lived a little longer. If she were a little bit more grown up, then, she would have figured it all out.’ How saddened everybody would be. But if those people were to think about it from our perspective, and see how terribly painful it all was to us. We even tried to listen… but only the same bland sermons are repeated. That is probably not a lie, but, but now, right now, even if we were suffering from a stomachache; ignore the pain. Well, bear with it just a little longer. You will understand, you will see, when you grow up.”


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