I was a little too wrapped up in loneliness to think of the consequences.

I was a little too wrapped up in you.

Nothing compliments alcohol more than a warm body.

When you said, “We’re just.. using each other.”

I felt more warmth than I ever have.

Because someone, someone can understand.

Because some of us are just weak and looking for someone to hold us.

We want to feel the pain of love with out actually being in love.

What is that…

When the world around me sleeps I wonder, what all is out there?

Where can the night take me, and who can I meet on the streets?

Because I find myself in love with risk.

Without that…what else do I have?

I saw an adventure in you.

Who knows what others see in me.

Drinking poison…

I guess for a moment you’re more alive than ever.

But it cannot mask the emptiness.

It cannot mask the issues at hand.

It can’t mask the loneliness.

But I would rather hurt than have no feelings at all.

To say that I was happy…

I think I just enjoyed the damaging fall.


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