Waking Up Alone

I think one of the weirdest things lately is waking up alone. I’m not sure why after six months I have these feelings.

I think that it is nice to wake up next to someone, whether it’s a romantic thing or not. Even in high school I have always found comfort sleeping next to friends. Boys or girls. A lot of people find that weird. “Oh my god, you shared a bed with a boy.” But I feel that if you are comfortable with someone, who cares. Not everything has to be sexual. Which is probably why I spend more nights out than home lately.

There is something in the touch of another person. That tingle feeling when your skin touches. Listening to relaxed rhythmic breathing. A gentle brush through someone’s hair. The soft vulnerable sleeping face people make. I guess it does all sound rather intimate…

But to me it’s not in that way.

But I guess waking up alone has perks as well. Taking that first deep breathe and stretch of the day and looking out the window (to hopefully the sun). And being able to think “I can take on the world by myself.” That’s nice too.


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