Lately I only post when I’m being a sad little baby.

Truth is, if I’m being 100% honest, I think my biggest problem is just I’m not used to being so social. I know that sounds incredibly sad, but it does drain me. I digest and dissect every conversation at least three times. I question every relationship on my terms and on the other persons. I’m not sure why… but being this way causing me un-realistic stress.

I am feeling happy after a message I received, and I wanted to make sure that everyone here knows that I write openly about my feelings because they aren’t things I actually talk about openly to people I know. I need an outlet. But though you guys see me and accept me at my worst, I am actually enjoying so much right now!

Those few people that I don’t question too much have influenced me so much. They reassure me on my dreams of going to Japan and support me and make me laugh. I have met a couple of people that I hope I can always keep a part of my life and I’m beyond grateful for them.

And I’m becoming even more aware I could be in Japan this time next year! JAPAN! I’m terrified! Something I’ve hoped for since I was five… hanami… It will happen. I am glad I realised that I needed to follow my heart. I wish I would have known this sooner, but all of the experiences I have had prior to this moment, I really think I have become stronger.

I don’t credit myself enough…I think you all know that. But I am growing every single day. I want to be someone I can be proud of and make everyone I meet be proud of too.

Thank you so much everyone who reads my blog. Please stay by my side and I will finally be able to pay you back when I have adventures in Japan! I will keep doing my best!


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