Well everyone, it’s that time of the year again; AUTUMN! My favorite and most inspirational time! I’ve been a shit person lately and really down in the dumps with poor eating habits, and the usual I talk about… But I’m back in go mode!

Just like last year, this year I’ll be posting ‘Halloween Ideas’ through out the month. Only this time… I will also be filming the act of putting it together! This particular look is not up yet, but I will post it here when it is. I was just excited and wanted to share with you guys first since I owe the partial growth in my confidence to all of you! I feel very comfortable posting here:3 So enjoy this simple masked look~ We’ll be making a bit more of a mess next time;3

IMG_20140926_232100_mr1411788344027 IMG_20140926_232203_mr1411788421170 IMG_20140926_232234_mr1411788452568 IMG_20140926_232304_mr1411788489943

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