Mid-Week Chatty

Hi everyone!

Currently I’m taking a break from homework. Don’t worry, it’s not procrastination! I’m actually working ahead in my online course. I’d like to finish it asap so I don’t have to worry about it. So I’m hoping to do a chapter or two every night until it’s done.

My Japanese class has Exams next week! I’m pretty excited though. It’s just lesson one, and I read that lesson probably three times over the summer. I’m more concerned when we get to verbs in lesson 3. However… tragically I heard one of the students talking about his father passing away. He was absent all last week for that reason, and it’s clear he’s trying so hard to catch up. I had massive anxiety yesterday (due to eating habits I think for the past week) and ended up crying in the bathroom. But then I thought about how he comes to class every day and jokes and smiles as much as he can despite what’s happened. I know if I lost my dad, I wouldn’t be able to cope with school at all. So I pulled it together because some people have ‘real’ problems. Not that anxiety isn’t a real thing, but I’m the type to always belittle my problems compared to others. It helps me not be baby I think about my anxiety. So I reached out to him and offered to study with him Friday in hopes he will perform well on the exam. The sensei is also working well with him, so I hope he does well!

My other classes are picking up too. I’ve been sick this week, so this weekend I will need to review a lot since I was spacy in class on Tuesday. But I’m confident still that I will do well this semester. Keep wishing me luck!

This weekend I’m hoping to put together a little more complicated project for youtube. I want to work with cloning. Still a silly video, but I hope to do more complex editing. So I hope that will go well!

Until next time^^


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