Quick Update!

Hello All!

I’m a little frustrated I never get to post much anymore:( I hope you all understand! I’m so incredibly busy with school and preparing/learning about trying to study abroad. But it’s a good busy:)

I’m actually really surprised I don’t feel overwhelmed. Sometimes I feel annoyance, but to be honest, when I do have a moment to just lie down and try to catch up on a show, I’m bored after five minutes. I really love what I’m doing right now. It’s so crazy to actually like college. Up until now I dreaded homework and always would rather just sit on my butt doing nothing. But now I love going through all these books and papers, and getting flustered trying to figure out answers.

It’s only the second week, but I’ve already had a couple quizzes, a presentation, and a test. I’ve gotten 100% on everything so far! I’m hoping I can 4.0 every class. So please send me luck through out the semester in case things get more crazy! Tomorrow I get to attend a Japan Club meeting. I’m hoping to make friends with the Japanese exchange students this way. But I’m shy… so again, wish me luck!:)

I started a youtube channel separate from my random videos where I talk about school. I’ll try to post those videos here too so you can keep up if you want! The channel is called Nihon Ai (In Japanese kanji) if you want to look it up for yourself. I’m hoping I will be abroad in Japan next year and I can vlog and really start informing people about Japan, instead of just talking about my struggles and stuff now. But I think the videos will be fun to look back on. ^^

I also have some photos I’m hoping to upload for you guys this weekend of some cool fire poi! I love trying to photograph poi because it’s really hard for me. I honestly don’t know how to work my camera to it’s full potential I’m sure. And it’s always a surprise what patterns will get captured. I’m also supposed to work on a fire poi film with a friend to help him book some jobs, so look forward to that too on youtube! Sounds so cool to have project!

Hope all of you are doing well in your lives as well<3


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