August Picture Post

Hey everyone! Sorry if this post seems a little rushed. I have awful allergies right now and it’s hard to focus on typing. Honestly I think I’m going to pass out for the night. I haven’t been sleeping well, so I welcome it!


I spent a lot of the month focused on my YouTube channel which was really fun! I hope now that things are getting busy I can still put a good amount of time to it, because I really love making fun videos. I actually reached 100 followers and that’s crazy to me.


A friend came to visit me this month which was nice. She wasn’t there for me when Shad and I split, and typically doesn’t get ahold of me when I’m in our home town. But I was glad she took time to come visit and support me. I had a lot of fun:)



We finally have a nice cool day every once and awhile which makes me super happy! I love autumn weather, and I’m super pumped to be able to wear clothes I actually like again!


Look what I discovered recently… I’m obsessed! Today I bought full bananas and dark chocolate and hope to make my own instead of paying so much more for a small box. But these things are heaven!



I got a Mac! I’m still not really sure how to do a lot of things on it… I’m doing this from my dell since I don’t know how to screen shot and work with photos. I mostly wanted a mac to work with my hd filming and to have a better video editor, so those things I’m happy with:)



I spent a couple days in my home town this week and finally was able to do my favorite thing; look at the sky. It hit me that Tuesday starts a whole new chapter. I’ll be following my dreams. It’s been a really hard year for me emotionally. Anxiety, friends dealing with heroin addictions, losing friends, facing my fears, coming to terms with the end of my 6 year relationship. I’m a person that for some reason lives off of hardship… But this year I am hoping to learn that it’s okay to smile and mean it sometimes. I just want to believe in myself.




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