Why Is This About Race?

Typically I don’t write about these things. It’s too easy to be misunderstood and the last thing I want is to offend anyone. So before I start, I’m speaking as a human being.

I’ve been dying to delete my facebook again, but have waited since my best friend just finally had her baby last night and I wanted to see all the cute little baby pictures. Sadly while waiting for those all facebook has been bombarded with is ALS Ice Bucket Challenge hate and what is currently going on with police shooting young African Americans. We’ll be talking about the latter.

I have a predominately white facebook, so a lot of things I see are obviously white people feeling like they need to defend themselves or mostly just posting articles about other white people that have been killed and not publicized by the police and media. 

The fact that the American citizens are that quick to jump to a side baffles me. Shouldn’t we stick up for one another? I’m not naive enough to say that racism will ever not exist, but the first step into that direction would be to stop making everything about race! Be proud of your race whoever you are, and don’ judge others for they are, and every time something negative happens, stop blaming it on your race.

The point of this current situation shouldn’t be a battle to show off how many people of one race have been killed, and should be why is this happening in the first place to anyone? Why do police have the right to murder an innocent person so easily? Why aren’t there stricter rules?

I believe police serve a huge importance, but unfortunately there are some police who you could say are ‘bad cops’ or ‘dirty/corrupted.’ And yeah, maybe some of these shootings really are a complete accident. But for anyone to ever be able to pull a gun and shoot at someone without being threatened first, that’s just beyond me. You know how many times I would have accidentally murdered a friend or family in the night just because I was afraid they were a burglar? First instinct for an officer of the law should never be to reach and shoot.

It shouldn’t be allowed in the first place. If an officer shoots a citizen and there’s no proof that citizen had a gun and was a threat, I believe that officer deserves consequences. I had always thought officers weren’t allowed to shoot unless they were shot at first, but I guess I was wrong.

I don’t know why citizens aren’t concerned about that. Why aren’t they fighting to change the problem instead of creating a bigger unnecessary one? I thought we understood the color of ones skin doesn’t change the fact that we all live in this world  together? But I guess I really am just that naive.

I’m sorry if this in any way offends anyone. I believe you can only judge a person on what is in inside, so it is not my intention to offend any one based on their race.


One thought on “Why Is This About Race?

  1. If you study social science there is a lot of literature regarding race. The New Jim Crow is one of the most popular books dealing with this topic. I don’t study social science so I’m not the person to elaborate, but I know a little and understand why it’s an issue.
    But I’m with you in that I think any sort of injustice should be confronted.

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