The Everyday Struggle

Today was really rough for me. I woke up from weird dreams full of death and confusion to full blown anxiety. My boss dismissed me early because Robin Williams made him sad too, and I spent the majority of the day fighting depression. I made a Youtube video, but deleted it, because after I filmed, edited, and watched it, I felt better. I think I just needed to get things off of my chest to realize I was falling back into a bad place. I even pulled out the Japanese books today. I haven’t really looked at them in a month…

But to help pull myself out of my dark abyss, I did some dancing which led to photography! (Did I mention I’m obsessed with black and white?)

Hakuna Matata everyone<3

IMG_20140812_234817 IMG_20140812_234916 IMG_20140812_234958 IMG_20140812_235155 IMG_20140812_235306


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