July Picture Post!

Holy moly it’s already August!? You can really tell July flew by with my lack of photography this month. Though I have also been spending more time filming with my cameras instead of snapping photos with them. I’ll try to be better in August!


This month I’ve been into black and white photos and more of a what tumblr considers ‘grunge’ style. You all know I’m going through a break up, and I’m just becoming comfortable with who I am!


It may not be the most responsible thing I’ve concluded, but I’m learning not to take money so seriously. I tend to be super crazy about saving, but what’s it matter when I’m just upset I have to spend saved money on things I don’t care about? This year I want to focus on not feeling bad spending money the way I want to. Especially if it means going on a few trips. This year I hope to travel to a couple places in America on my own, just to practice depending on solely myself. I want to become the best me.


If you watched my vlog in my last post, you now know my ‘secret’ spot. I didn’t share in the vlog, but this spot is where I tend to find myself. This figure lies between two little boys. One was a month a old, and the other was three. They both died in the 60’s, and for some reason I’m drawn to this spot. I wonder if anyone still visits them. But I know that I like to.


I found this photo in my instagram and I had titled it ‘this is how I feel about life.’ Yeah.. basically no other words needed.


I haven’t been the healthiest this month, so my anxiety is acting up a little more. Honestly, I just want some comfort food. ^^ But I’m hoping as this month goes on I perk up a tad and get back on track with myself. Soon I’ll be able to use the university gym, and I’m excited for that! I’ve also learned that a lot of Youtubers are obsessed with CapriSun… I love Youtube more everyday because it really shows you aren’t as alone and different as you think you are.


My dear little sis has been dealing with some things this month as well, so it was nice to have my family visit this month. She and I always entertain the idea of moving to L.A together, so obviously we had to selfie in these hats.


Not only do I need to get back on my eating habits, I’ve been lazy the past month. I guess not really… I just spend time making videos. But I’ve been neglecting things like studying Japanese. I decided to have some down time for myself the other day. I truly love making videos, but I also worry about impressing people while doing that. With art it really only matters if I impress myself. So I challenged myself with a water color. I’ve never been good at it, and have only tried it a few times back in high school. But it was nice. :3


I hope you all had a good July! And if you’re a college student like me, make August count before the term begins! See you all next time<3

Youtube: cupoftee1000

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