50 Shades of Shut Up Already

Before anyone gets upset over the title, I’m not here to bash the series, nor am I here to promote it. For me personally, the books had interesting moments, and then other moments felt like Twilight fanfiction. It wasn’t horrible, it wasn’t fantastic. I remember when the books first became a hit and they brought a lot of controversy… Well, it’s all returned now that the movie is coming, and I’ll be blunt when I say that the only thing more annoying than seeing trailers everywhere is seeing the ridiculous articles bashing it.

First off, I’m not judging anyone’s religion. I think people who have faith have a beautiful thing, and I wish everyone could have something to believe in and draw strength from.

However… If I see one more article on how liking anything to do with the 50 Shades series makes you a bad Christian, I’ll flip. I know most of you have certain standards, but not all Christians think the same. Not all religious folk believe the same exact interpretation, and not everyone considers sins the same. So I’ll go with your arguments and defend them in my own right.

1. Lust is a sin. -Okay… so you’re married/in a relationship. You think it’s wrong to check out some guy or read a sexy book because it would make your husband uncomfortable. You wouldn’t want him doing the same thing over a girl. But attraction is nature! No… Don’t sit around telling your man all the dirty things you want to do to a fictional character, but seeing a hot actor doesn’t make you a bad person. Thinking someone is appealing is not wrong! There is a reason many male species are gorgeous, and that’s to attract a mate. Certain flowers attract certain insects. We have different preferences on what the most beautiful season is. The best thing about sight is taking in beauty. If you’re thinking of Christian Grey when you and your hubby are having your alone time, then yes, feel guilty. But if just for one second you think, damn, he sounds fine as hell. I don’t think you’ll be seeing divorce papers on the table the next day. (Also…Just because he doesn’t say anything doesn’t mean your hubby doesn’t have an eye candy list as all.) The rule is look but don’t touch friends.

2. Sex with out love/marriage is a sin. -I never knew Adam and Eve were married. Or that our first ancestors where either. Whatever creation you believe in, I highly doubt marriage was around. So you wouldn’t even be here today bitching about a fiction novel if sex before marriage would send you straight to hell. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to believe in, I’m just saying, I think you’re wrong. I don’t believe in sleeping with everyone you see, but I also don’t believe it’s reserved just because you signed some stupid paper. You can love without a wedding. And I don’t think sex for fun is wrong either. It’s not for me, but if two adults feel like having sex who cares.  If we’re going all Bible here, you technically shouldn’t be having sex unless you’re trying to conceive right? I thought I heard something about that… but don’t quote me. So you married folk shouldn’t be having sex if it’s just for enjoyment. That’s lust and temptation and greed. (According to articles I’ve read.) So stop with the double standard.

3. It promotes violence and unhealthy relationships. -You friends just don’t know much about the sex world. Not all relationships are the same. And yeah, if a guy spanks you with a ruler and you’re not down for that, get the fuck out of there. But if you’re down to experiment and have a safe word, yadda, yadda, then do your thang. It may not be what everyone considers a good time, but some women and men like that kind of sex. Not everyone enjoys a one position, rose petals on the bed, romp. There are all kinds of ways to have sex. What doesn’t work for you, works for someone else. You want candles and a back rub, she wants a ball gag and anal fisting. Get over it. You don’t have to go there.

I don’t like to rant much, but literally every day  I see one of these articles. Everyone cares so much about rubbing their opinion in others faces, but it’s like… just accept one another!

You have your ways, others have theirs. I personally don’t care what side you’re on. I think both are great for whoever! But why bash on people who look at sex differently than you? No one blames you for wanting to spend your life with one man or not have sex, or whatever. Life your life how you want to, and let others do the same if it’s not hurting you.


One thought on “50 Shades of Shut Up Already

  1. Feeling better now? (laughs) You are not alone with your views. There millions out there who have different views but no one has the monopoly on what is the truth. We agree or disagree but the most important thing is we talk peacefully.
    Keep the posts coming! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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