Some Days Are Harder Than Others

Today I’m kind of having a shit day, and that’s saying a lot since my boss bought me ice cream. Instead of ranting about it, since I hate being too personal, I thought I’d share something I wrote today. Which I guess to me is too personal. I don’t like sharing my writing because compared to others I feel my words are mediocre. But all well.


People love the illusion of me.
They see adorable,
They don’t really see me.
Because if they did I’d just be another pathetic soul.
Beaten by the past.
My outer-self may draw you in, but I bring nothing but pain.
I’m forever a wounded fox, and I’m okay with that.
Attempts to show me love and butterflies
Will simply make me show my teeth.
I live by my rules and my believes.
If you think that’s a sad life,
I simply don’t give a damn.
People love the idea of me.
Some prize they wish to open.
But remember; curiosity killed the cat.
If you think that you should know me,
I’ll gladly remind you of that.

-Holly Tee


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