Let’s Talk

Hello all!

I tried to fill you in about a concert I went to recently, but for some reason only the title published, and I don’t fee like re-doing it, so let’s just chat!

A LOT has been happening lately. As you know, my boyfriend of six years and I have recently split. We’re still good friends, and honestly, it’s kind of nice being able to pick on him and not feel bad about it. (Always be healthy with how you deal with things!)

But because of  our break up I’ve been stressed about a lot of things. Recently I’ve been thinking of moving out to Las Vegas. Cool right? My mom and her side of the family are out there, and I never saw them much growing up, so that’d be kind of cool. Plus, it’s Vegas! How could I ever be bored? I’d like to nanny out there if it comes down to moving.

But a lot has to be done before that. First of all I have to see if my financial aid will process. As much as I do just want to pick up and leave, school is important to me. I possibly only have two years left, so I just want to finish! Then maybe go to Vegas for a year or two and have fun before finding a place I’d like to settle down.

Through this break up, literally just moments before typing this, I came to the conclusion; I need to say yes more! I need to live. For the first time in my life I have an opportunity to care only for myself. (And my fur babes).

The break up still hurts, but I’m starting to feel more excited about it. Both of us will be able to grow in ways that may have not been possible together, and if it was meant to be, it will be, but I’m going to do my best not to stress it anymore.

I’m crazy in love with YouTube right now. Basically it is my new boyfriend. Check me out if you like! https://www.youtube.com/user/cupoftee1000

Hopefully I’ll keep coming up with better and better content that is enjoyable for myself and everyone. YouTube is really just a thing for me that makes me feel like I’m having fun and the world doesn’t matter, but I love it when people actually chat with me a bit.

But that’s all for now! Thank for always being here. There are 200 of you now! I can’t believe that. ❤

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