So Crushed.

Sad post warning.

I try so hard to be strong every day. Act like being broken up with doesn’t hurt. Act like not having people to call friends doesn’t hurt. Act like being completely alone and lost doesn’t hurt. But it does. So fucking bad.

It’s normal right? It’s normal to be torn up over a break up, especially if it was your only real relationship? Your high school sweet heart, so they say. The one person that swore not to be like the rest in a world of everyone who leaves.

I believed that if I opened more I would be happier. But it’s the most lonely feeling in the world. It reminds that no one feels as deeply as I do. About friendships or about significant others. And I guess that’s the problem with me. I feel too deeply. That damn Scorpio trait.

How I would give anything to just not care. Being a good person is just constant pain. No one is ever there for you, but they know they can always rely on you. Love interests know they can do whatever they want that hurts you, because your love is so deep you’ll take them back and work through it.

I am so incredibly sick of people.


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