Read Me As If You’re British

I’ve spent most of my day watching YouTube videos, so no joke, I am literally thinking in a British accent right now. I can’t stop it! I wish I could actually talk like this because it actually sounds lovely.

Anywho, I learned today I’m very boring. I study Japanese or watch things online or do some art. EVERYDAY! At least they’re okay hobbies, right? But currently I want to do more with YouTube. It’s really fun, and I’ve noticed I feel a lot better when I make random videos. Odd.. forcing myself to be out going helps my anxiety a touch.

Though this time around I want to be more interesting to viewers. And I want my subscribers to engage with me. You know, me tell me what they like, or what they’d like to hear me talk about and such. Making videos is fun for me, but I want my content to be what my viewers want!

I only have 76 right now, but those that have chatted with me are the most lovely people. So sweet and kind! (Except one fellow who kept messaging me awhile back…) But you’ll have that from time to time when you post yourself on the internet.

But if you are also interested in YouTube I would love to check out some more new folks and welcome any support and suggestions my way too!

My channel link is here:

I did a video every day this weekend! Today I pranked my mom!;)


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