June Instagram Post!



It’s a week early, but I figure I won’t be doing anything special this next week, so why not do this while I’m thinking about it! First of all, thank you everyone for 500 likes on my posts!:3 Your support is so special to me and I’m going to do my best to give this blog the attention I used to.<3 I’ve been obsessed with quotes this month, so you might get some of that thrown into the mix today.


This mama has been on of my best friends since Kindergarten! She moved far away a couple years ago, and since then has met a wonderful man, gotten pregnant, and married. She was home for a baby shower on her families side this month so I was really happy to see her! It’s so much different seeing someone pregnant in person than it is in pictures. Her little girl is due in August and I hope I’ll be able to visit around her due date.



You all know I’ve been a little out of sorts lately, so here’s a day I went high school style emo child and ran about with Shad. I typically don’t wear make up, but sometimes when I’m down it helps to feel like I look presentable for the public. ;3




I’ve been trying a lot harder this week to get back into eating better and working out. I’ve worked every day so far! I’m always posting about changing my eating habits, and it’s really, really hard for me. I’m trying a new approach though. Instead of saying I can’t have something, I’m just relying on making the choice to have something better. It works pretty well. The other day Shad wanted to go to a restaurant I knew I wouldn’t make good choices at, so we went to a sandwhich shop instead. It makes me feel better to make a choice then to feel restricted, so hopefully making better choices will become more habit.



I also got to see Reel Big Fish with a friend! Bet you wouldn’t believe I spent the whole time in the mosh area? (Well… I tried not to exactly mosh, but a girl did end up on my head.) It was a blast and left me feeling concert blues for a couple days after!




I could go all day on a quote like this. But honestly, it speaks for itself.



But I also found this gem. So I thought maybe Yoru could use a little chat on the matter:)



I’ve been working on my headstands in yoga! I have no arm strength. No joke. So it’s hard. This week I’ve been working on trying out push ups to get a little strength. With my body being sore from working out this week, I haven’t done much yoga. But towards the start of the month I got into my first headstand! I was so excited! I’m still so wobbly and it feels by chance to actually get into it, but I will keep practicing and hopefully by doing hand stands eventually!



Shad has been super sweet as usual. I feel like this month has been good for us. We’ve hashed out a lot of things and I think we’re both on good tracks for ourselves as well as together. He knows I’ve been feeling down and really upset I’m broke he decided he wanted to do something nice and got me all of this! I guess he really does spoil me… ^^




And what would life be with out art? I’ve been trying to improve my digital skills. I’m working on finding a style. Currently I’m redoing a hulk canvas. It feels awesome doing this style, so depending on how it turns out, I might do semi comic style for a bit. :3 I’m hoping this will by done by Sunday and on some products. If you’re interested in keeping up with my art and maybe buying some please go here: http://society6.com/HollyTee I would also love any suggestions on what to draw to next!



Do you guys know my favorite Disney movie? LION KING! It just celebrated it’s 20th birthday, so here is a lion picture!:3





Thank you all for reading my posts and giving support from time to time! I honestly truly greatly appreciate it! (If you don’t believe me the 10 times I say it each post^^)


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