Gluten, Or Something.

Okay, my life isn’t off the rails or anything. But those of you who read my posts know a bit about how I get down and how I’m always making “get healthy” goals.

Well for the past week I’ve been attempting cutting back pretty much any gluten intake. It seems I may have what is a mouthful; non-celiac gluten sensitivity. So I think basically, I’m not allergic to gluten, but my body has some issues with it.

Ever since I was a tot I’ve had tummy troubles, head ache, and fatigue. Usually anytime I have an issue it’s blamed on my being so small, but in high school I started going to the doctor and addressing these random issues. But it was always so frustrating because they could never find anything wrong. Which would seem like good news, but when you physically feel something your entire life, but no one can tell you why, it’s upsetting.

But perhaps now I know I’m sensitive to gluten… The past week I’ve mostly eaten fruits and eggs. It’s going to be a process for me to learn about recipes. I’m no cook, so I’ll have to start taking time to prepare meals. Lame… But I’m always hoping cutting back on gluten helps me anxiety. Anxiety and depression are a side effect of this sensitivity; go figure.

But lately I’m just moody since I can’t have bread:) Usually every other day I allow myself one item with moderate gluten. I don’t want to cut it totally out. So why not the occasional treat?

But I hope that I’ll start seeing the results after awhile and even though I love gluten stuffed products, it would be neat to know if it’s actually the cause of some of the anxiety/health issues!


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