May Picture Post!

As promised, I think this post will have the most picture of any other Picture Post post! Also, I can finally tell you what I’ve been beating around the bush about. All it was, was that Shad was leaving to hike the Appalachian Trail. He was supposed to be gone a whole month and a half, but for reasons he had to come home after only 2 weeks. I’m a little worry wort and don’t like to advertise if I’m going to be alone for an extended period of time.

But anyway. The week before he left I started a DIY project. I’d never done one before, but I chose to re-do my desk. It was my grandpa’s, and was pretty old and outdated. But I have a love for sentimental things. I call it my Holly Nook. It’s full of all my art supplies/books/journals now, but it’s where I go to chill out from the stress of the day.


I also got all my courses for college figured out! I’m super excited to start studying all things Japan! Now to just figure out financial aid…


The day before Shad left he treated us to a lovely Sushi date! I’m usually not a fan of cheesecake, but ohmygosh…This was heaven!


I also started a second job! I was going to work three, but didn’t want my anxiety to come back full force, so during the week I work at my biology lab, and on the weekends I watch tots at a nursery for a church nearby. The babies are super sweet. I had the pleasure of spending Mother’s Day with this little boy.


I also purchased an Intuos Manga!


I’m still practicing a lot… But as I mentioned before it would be amazing to get into commission work when I have time. To practice, I was inspired by the artist, itsbirdy. So I’m doing anime babies wearing Pokemon suits! I’ll be doing the first 151. Here’s a bulbasaur!


Novu has been a little turd this month… he’s six months now, so I think he’s getting that testosterone! But he’s still adorable! Though he scratched me in the face and has a love for all women.


Aside from all that I haven’t been up to much. But since I’ve been a little down lately, I’ve been taking more pictures than usual. Please enjoy all of these from my Instagram!


Hope everyone had a good May! And all you mommies had a great Mother’s Day this past month as well!


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