That Boy

Hello everyone!

I may not be writing too much this month, but who knows! I’ve been pretty stuck in my own routine. Shad and I are going through some CRAZY right now, that I’ll explain in my more detail later.

But in short, I’m already learning so much from the situation. I can’t wait to share this further once the experience is over. I totally recommend it for every young couple. And I’ll stop talking until I can actually share some insight with you!

But I kind of felt like writing about Shad I guess. I’m a loner type. Pessimistic, self conscious, down on myself, type of girl. I never believed I would have a long term boyfriend, let alone a serious one. Then here comes Shad. Who knows… maybe we only stay together because we’re each others first love. Or maybe we really were meant to be and that’s why we work through all the hardships.

I sadly take him granted sometimes. That’s something I’m willing to share today. Shad is such an amazing person. I think like me, he just losses himself sometimes. But recently because of this experience I’m being too annoying about, I’ve really loved seeing him grow. He’s so admired at work. His co-workers just swoon over him! Any person he meets talks about his constant good vibe and how he is the most genuine person they have ever met. Maybe seeing Shad everyday makes me take those things for granted and I often focus on the things I dislike. But I’m realizing, if I only focus on those things, that’s all I’ll see. I shouldn’t care about those small things when there is much bigger picture in front of me. Shad is such a wonderful human being, and I’m so lucky to have him.

Yeah, we have a past, and there’s been awful things I hate about it, but it’s the past. I’ve obviously chosen to stick it out for a reason. And those reasons are for who he truly is.

I feel like my blog is a weird place to gush… but it’s crazy how even after 6 years we still have so much growing and learning to do in our relationship. But that’s what makes it fun!

If I have to go through all these crazy changes with someone, I’m glad it can be Shad.



One thought on “That Boy

  1. I can still remember the day that Shad told me that he was going to ask you out. There was such light and happiness in his eyes when he talked about you, and it is still there. I truly believe he has loved you from the first day he met you.

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