The Grass is Green

Hey everyone!

So… These aren’t my best pictures, but I promised I’d get some, so I did some quickies. I feel like I’ve been so busy lately… but maybe that’s just an excuse. I’m preparing for something totally huge in my life. But I can’t say anything until the phase is over because I’m weird and feel like I need to mum about this. (It’s honestly not a huge thing, so most of you will probably laugh when I update about it. But to me, it’s kind of huge^^).

But in preparation of this change I’ve been trying to get into a little routine with work, yoga, Japanese study, and trying to create my own hiragana book. I’m doing my best to grow as an individual, and keeping busy makes me feel my best. Don’t get me wrong though…there’s still a lot of lazy lounging in between.

But I decided to take some pictures of flowers growing about in the greenhouse in honor of the sunshine/rain and new growth happening as Spring finally kicks in in Michigan! (Besides the picture of the cow… I just threw that in because my work mates find my doodles amusing so I thought maybe you would too!)




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