Just Some Practice

Since it’s Summer now I’m trying to practice Japanese more again. I’ve forgotten pretty much everything I learned! 😦 Mainly I’m just trying to rememorize vocabulary, and I’m working on 100 kanji. I almost have the basic meanings of them all memorized! But I decided to try to make sentences today to practice a few tiny things I’ve learned. Please correct my mistakes if you see some:)

I always say the same things… but I’ve always found being repetitive helps me learn and memorize!:)


Nice to meet you.

I’m Holly.

Please be kind to me. ^^

I work at a school.

My sister is a barista.

She lives in California. (I miss her:()

I’m a Japanese language student.

でも。。。 日本語は悪いです!
But… My Japanese is very bad!

Japanese is difficult!

But, still fun. ^^

I’ll do my best!

See… Same as usual, only I tried talking a bit about my sister and were we both worked! haha

I’m really excited for my fall term to begin and finally start learning for real. I give loads of credit for those that can learn Japanese so well on their own. I find it pretty hard to do on my own. But I think once I have a professor and someone to point me in the right direction I’ll start picking things up in no time! I’ll definitely want to go past what we’re doing in class, so hopefully what I learn in class will just fuel my outside interest!



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