In More IMPORTANT News!!

So I’ve been wanting to use my blog as a way to help spread the word on causes I’m supportive of. And I finally have an opportunity to pitch something to you guys!

I was watching this documentary called “The Elephant in the Living Room” which is about people who home exotic animals as pets. Now I think animals like ball pythons and bearded dragons are a big deal, but when people start housing big cats, venomous animals, snakes far bigger than them, etc., it just becomes too much.

I’m a crazy animal lover, and I understand the temptation and once you meet an animal you want to keep it. When I was a kid I wanted a wolf as a pet. But now do I realize it’s not 100% safe, I would also never want to try to tame a wild animal like that. I would much rather show my love in other ways to make sure these animals live happy lives the way that they should.

Unfortunately housing exotic animals isn’t considered illegal in most places. (So weird to me!) So a lot of these animals end up dead or abandoned. Well a classmate from high school reached out to me today and showed me this sanctuary right here in Michigan! I had no idea we had one in my state!

It’s called Summer Wind Farms Sanctuary. Here are their links:

If anyone likes to donate to these causes it would be so amazing! I’ve never been or met the owners, so I’m just speaking out on my own behalf. They are having a benefit September 20th, so if you live in Michigan you can check it out!


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