April Picture Post!

Heyy everyone!

Too be honest… I’m only doing this early because I’m procrastinating… I have my last final tomorrow, and I’m going to do terrible, and I guess I just checked out for the semester because the last thing I want to do is study!

A lot of my posts lately haven’t had many pictures so I tried to pick a bunch of random ones through out the month, so this might be a bit long!

This month I really feel like a mom! (No I didn’t suddenly pop out a babe this month.) I’m talking about my furr babies of course! Whether it’s chasing Novu down in Shad’s briefs or taking a bath, I can’t seem to catch a break!


It was also Shad’s birthday this month!  The big 24! So crazy I met him when he was 17! I’m awful at buying gifts for boys and he didn’t give me any ideas, so I decided to go all Holly style and do something adorable. Cupcakes of course!


You’re going to hear a bunch about Novu this post. I think he’s entered those puberty days. He’s been demanding all the attention he can get and running around like crazy! I wouldn’t trade him for the world, but sometimes I wish it was just me and my little Yoru!


Oh yeah… about being checked out for the semester…


On a happy note though the weather is more comfy the cold lately. Well…depending on the time of day. But I was able to attend the first bonfire of the year the other night. Such a relief!


Not sure if I mentioned this before or not, but a best friend of mine went through a break up with her first serious boyfriend this month too. So I went to my home town and did the best friend thing. Of course drinks were involved. I’m not used to drinking so I was pretty warn out after a night a Jagger. But I did get to spend some time with some darling kittens!Image

Back Novu being rebellious… We have to put him in the kennel when we aren’t home since he likes to chew out his frustrations. Sadly though lately he’s been trying to bust out which is hurting his not so little snout.


Oh and my dear sweet Shadly. He’s been working really hard this month on many things, but still taking time to remind me why I love him. Occasionally I get special treats when he notices that monthly visitor is approaching.


I’m a little down on myself because I’ll only be working two jobs instead of three this summer. I was worried about overwhelming myself like I did last summer, and that kind of anxiety is something I never want to go through again. But at the same time I wish I’d still push myself to prove I can. But I guess I’ll take my time and still appreciate the beauty in everything. Now…this is graveyard… But for some reason during a certain time in the day, it’s really pretty calming.


Thanks for reading everyone!

Until next time:




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