I need a place to write for now. I don’t want to bash out and cause issues on social media, so why not post in a neutral zone?


You guys know about “Corey”. Corey is doing a really good job as far as I know. But today the person that helped influence Corey, we’ll call them Harley, decided to write me.

I figured it was only a matter of time before Harley wanted to know about Corey. Corey cut off all contact with them once they Corey got out of rehab. Harley is the type of person you just naturally like. You want to be friends with them. But obviously I learned pretty quickly Harley was the wrong person to be chums with. Sadly Corey didn’t. Corey did have a lot of issues before hand, but since Harley was already a user, they began using together.

Often times Harley would text me or message me rude things about Corey. After Corey left, we haven’t been in contact until today.

Harley will possibly be moving near to where Corey is, and it frightens me that Harley will try to find Corey and stir up trouble again. I hope I’m wrong and that Harley isn’t that bad of person. And I hope that Corey really is stronger know to defend themself.

Harley is an extremely defensive person, of course. They’ve had to hide their addiction from everyone. I didn’t want to talk to Harley, and was a little irritated they would even ask me about Corey. But I was polite anyway, but also asked if they would please not try to contact Corey. I should have known better than that though. Harley got pretty upset and proceeded to tell me I think I’m better than them, and that I’ll never understand heroin.

Harley’s right. I will never understand what it’s like to be addicted to heroin. I only know my own small addictions. But I do know how much heroin hurts people. I know what its like to watch someone you love grow pale, thin, and cold. I’ve looked into hatred filled eyes pointed in my direction from someone who was supposed to love me the most. I listened to them cry. I held them. I watched them fall further and further with out having a single clue what to do. And now others I know are going through the same thing.

I know what heroin does to people who love the addict. Something I hope even Harley never has to witness.


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