Let’s Try Optimism!

I have a rather cheeky way of cheering myself up as I’ve mentioned. I like to play games and joke around with myself to help force myself into positive thinking.

This is more for me than you; but since I’ve been feeling like I’ve been posting negative stuffy lately I wanted to post something positive.

So I’m doing my best getting back into the swing. I get upset that it seems we have to FORCE ourselves to be happy. But hey, let’s go with the flow today.

I’m keeping in mind the semester is almost down and I’ll be taking Japanese classes in the fall! I’m really excited for that to be my main focus. I’ll have two more sciences courses to take at university, then I’ll be all done with everything not Japanese related!

Today I’ve spent a lot of time at the library working my hardest to get a first draft of a Genetics Research paper done, along with catching up on notes I missed on Monday. (I had my first panic attack in over almost half a year Sunday; so I wanted a break day.)

The panic attack makes me very nervous for my upcoming trials, but I’m trying to focus on that right now, and just realize that I need to get back on track to trying to be positive. This is a journey, and I believe eventually I’ll get past it.

The sun has been shining in Michigan and there is a hint of warmth in the air. I love getting those big deep breathes of fresh air lately. I can’t wait to lay out on the beach!

I’m not sure if I’ll get the second job I wanted this year… But I’ll take it as a sign maybe I’m not ready yet. Next semester I’m taking some child geared classes, so maybe next summer it’ll help aid my search for a teaching assistant summer job.

What else can I be positive about…Oh yeah. Tomorrow is Shad’s birthday! My two girl friends have suggested I get him out to a bar tomorrow night so they can show him some love. The support feels great since he’s sad his best friend move back to our home town. So I’m very grateful they want to help him celebrate and be happy on his birthday. Today I made him some cupcakes he can come home to. (I even got cute dinosaur candles;3)

Things are beginning to grow outside, so I’m hoping I can get some pictures for all of you, and of course some nature therapy for myself!

Remember with me that in times of our trials, we really just need to focus the way we think. I think it’s the hardest thing in the world. But I’m hoping with more practice it’ll become easier!


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