How Will I Ever Be Relevant?

I suppose this title is half sarcasm, half real life worries.

I think we all like to believe that our voices matter. (Hey what’s up? I’m blogging because I want to be heard!)

Sometimes admittedly I laugh at myself. Blogging, Youtube, trying to connect with Japanese people via Twitter. What am I even doing? Will these things help me achieve anything? I’m so not relevant to anyone.

Which I suppose could very well be true… But in doing these things I’ve realized I’ve grown in the past year. Not as much as I had hoped, but I’m starting to create ideas again. And most importantly I am learning to be more accepting of myself.

I think I try so hard to connect with people, that I lose the whole point. I think because hundreds of people don’t mention they could relate, it means that no one does. But really, I’m doing these things for myself, with the hopes I can reach others and help them too.

But, I can’t help anyone if I’m not true to myself right? So I want to stop thinking that the things I write or post are an annoyance or a sad cry for attention. (Because sometimes I do feel like that’s why I write.)

So I hope I can give you guys projects I’m hoping to get into!

-I’m working on baby books. I’m not thinking they will be taken seriously, but it’s something I’ve always wanted to try. I think the first couple will be a little sketchy as I’m just learning how to create art on the computer. But it’s a fun project!

-Soon the semester will be over, so I will hopefully be spending more time on Japanese before my classes start. I would like to actually get my Youtube started on Japanese things. Until I can easily speak and form sentences, I think that I will keep the videos short and centered on a single kanji or word/phrase. (Caution: I probably pronounce things terribly!)

-And of course here for my darling blog; I think you guys are the luckiest because you get the raw not so interesting me;3 I’ll keep you up to date on everything! My little projects and of course my typical picture posts and life happenings. Summer is approaching, so hopefully I’ll be able to bring some fun photos for you again!

Thank you again so much everyone. I say that a lot… But those of you that reach out to me, or even just skim my blogs; it helps make me feel like I can make a difference one day. And I think we all have to believe that. No matter how small the difference… I think we all want to hope that our life mattered somehow. So thank you everyone for your support.<3

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