March Picture Post

*This is literally the fourth time I’ve tried to do this post… Every time I go to click insert photo I get sloppy and click my icon instead! Good luck to myself to this time! ^^

Hello everyone!

As you have probably noticed I’ve been a little damper this month, but hopefully that will change. I’m learning that it’s extremely easy to fall out of a routine that makes you feel good. And it’s very hard to swing back into once you fall off of course. But always know it’s not impossible!

I guess I’ll start with the return of Oberon! It’s not in this photo, and I don’t even like beer, but here in Michigan Oberon seems to be the start of sunny, warm weather. A sure sign that Spring and Summer are moving in! All of my home town friends love Oberon during the summer time, so though I don’t drink it, it gives me happy memories.


We Michiganders tell a lot of jokes about our crazy weather, and it certainly hasn’t disappointed this month! We have snow storms, hail storms, rain, thunder and snow together, and some random days of warm of sunshine. All in the same week of course. Winter has been trying very hard to keep over our heads, but I believe it will all be over soon. Today is sunny and lovely, but not too long ago it looked like this:


I’m learning I need to step out of my zone more often. As the weather becomes nicer there’s a lot more opportunity for excitement. For St. Patty’s day I enjoyed some bar time with the boys. Sadly for me, they only served beer… but you can’t go wrong with an ice cold water!


Oh…I guess I’ll admit really quick… with my bad moods, I fall back into miserable eating habits… But I really am not ashamed for this cake from Cold Stone! (Okay…maybe I’m ashamed for the cost…)


In order to get some peace of my mind from myself, I contacted my counselor from last year’s mega anxiety battles and vented about some current fears. Surprisingly what I took from our meeting was that I need to form stronger relationships. Some of you may have a read a long ago post of my feelings towards friends. I don’t trust others, especially in the college scene, and the fact that I act a lot older than my 20-something peers makes it hard to create close bonds. (Also I’m extremely quiet.) But it is my goal within this next year as I begin studying Japanese and get on a career path to make relationships with people with similar interests. This way I can have some social interactions for things I actually care about. But for now I enjoy making fun of myself and made a friendship application. I actually have a best friend who fits this perfectly; sadly…she lives far away. Y-Y


And of course there is Novu! I feel like he gets bigger everyday! I worry as the temperature rises he will become uncomfortable. He was born in November so he’s never experienced Summer. But Shad and I decided it will be worth the raise in bill costs to invest in an AC unit for him this year.


I’ve been trying to draw more this month as well! Until this week they were mostly black and white slightly depressing pictures, but this week I’ve been trying to go back into colors to improve my mood. I love drawing and writing and need to remember it’s a great way to let emotions out.


Well…Tomorrow is the last day of March. It’s already April!?

I have one month of school left and I’m so excited! I’m still trying to land a teaching assistant job for the summer…it doesn’t seem to be going well, but I’m trying to be positive. If it doesn’t happen I still have my current job and I guess I’ll just have more time to enjoy the summer sun?

Whew… I made it to the end without messing up!

Until next time, thank you for reading!


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