Little Update

Hey everyone!

I just arrived back home from the bar so I’m pretty bored and thought I’d catch up with you all! Every time a new person follows me on here I get so excited and I truly appreciate every single one of you!

I only have one photo for you today in my update, but I think it’s pretty neat and has given me a great idea for a future photography post.


I actually took this at a graveyard today. I always pass this graveyard on the way to work, and for some reason it seems the sun is always the most marvelous here. I’ve been wanting to stop by for a long time, but have been too worried about being trapped from the snow. I almost got stuck even today! Since it doesn’t seem anyone really takes care of the lot, I’m planning on coming back to do some shooting once more snow melts.

But lately not much has really been going on. I guess a lot of life changing though. Not life altering, just lifestyle changing.

I’ve been doing my best to eat healthy. This past week I’ve done a miserable job. It’s spring break, so I’ve gotten super lazy other than my homework. But my body is already very angry with me. Today I went shopping and picked up lots of new things. I’ve been trying to go mostly organic;  I even found a brand of organic shampoo/conditioner I’m really excited to try!

Also, Shad and I are planning to sign up for gym memberships this weekend. (I think I’ll use mine more than him;3). I’ve been doing home work outs for the booty, and I’ve seen lots of improvement, but I haven’t been feeling it lately so I think I’ve grown passed it. I want to use the equipment the gym has to offer and make the most of my fitness. I’m still very out of shape!

But that’s all really for now. Farewell!


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