Big News!!

Okay… so maybe not “BIG”. But I’m trying something new! I almost can’t believe it.

Oh firstly, Since the last post about my dad; I shared a letter I wrote with him. We talked through some important things, and though the past can’t change, I’m hoping hesitantly for brighter future. No matter the out-come, it was a big relief to let out so many hard feelings I’ve been holding onto since I was very little.

But the point of this post; I’m applying for teacher assistant positions! Teaching is something that’s been in the back of my head for awhile. My Freshman year of college I had to sit in on a preschool class as part of my Child Development course requirements. I wasn’t involved; I simply just observed and took notes and wrote papers. But a couple adorable children spoke with me during my visits and I couldn’t help but feel such a warmth in my heart by them. But I have never believed I could be a teacher since I lack so much confidence.

But I want to try! Since I’m majoring in Japanese now it’s a huge goal for me to have confidence. I will be expected to speak to class mates in a foreign language, and give presentations at some point I’m sure. And when I think of jobs I could do with this degree, teaching is always the first thing that pops up. I figure if I do decide to live in Japan for a year or so, I could teach children there English, then here in the states, or if I go to Canada, I can teach Japanese.

But I’ll need experience and I need to create opportunities for me to gain that experience and build confidence!

So I’m applying for a second summer time job, which who knows… maybe I’ll just keep it and work two through out my school terms as well.

Wish me luck!:3


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