Ray of Sunshine

I hope all of you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

This year Valentine’s Day was kind of a drag for me…It seems the more open people become on the internet, the more I realize how much everyone takes for granted. It’s so disappointing to see so many people post things to bash those that have a significant other. Who said you needed a date to have a beautiful Valentine? And it’s not only Valentine’s Day.

I recently deleted my facebook because of all the opinions. People bash on the couples who have married young/had children. To which those couples lash out and say singles don’t know what real happiness is. Happiness is an individual experience. Who are any of us to tell someone what will make them happy? I’m all for individual opinions, but I do wish people would just have their own and carry on with their own lives.

Though today was emotionally a drag, the sun was shining and the snow was melting! I’m hoping that spring will come soon. Though it’s only February…so I’m sure there’s still some snow storms left. But it gave me the chance to take some more pictures of little Novu. He’s been a bad puppy today, but he still brings so many smiles!:3




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