Giving Love for Valentine’s Day

Be warned men everywhere… Valentine’s Day is Friday!

Every year I see the commercials, buy chocolate, and hear girls gossip about what their fellows may have bought for them. I feel like every year I find Valentine’s Day not all so special when it comes to myself. I’m more about giving to others. Last year I adopted the Japanese tradition of making chocolates for my boyfriend. (There will be a special Valentine video of that on my Youtube Friday.)

But this year the ISF (Ian Somerhalder Foundation) took to social media to boost awareness about these awesome shirts!

This Valentine’s Day I decided to treat myself to a super cozy sweater in support of the furr babies!

Novu was very impressed:)





So though it won’t come in time for Valentine’s Day if you’re reading this; it’s not too late to order a late gift for that special animal lover in your life!;3

I’m usually a skeptic about ordering clothes online, but you won’t be disappointed. These shirts are incredibly cozy!

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