Being Strong

Those of you who keep up with all my posts probably know me well enough to know that I get discouraged a lot. So I found this quote the other day and had to write it down for myself.



I thought it’d summed me up pretty well! I love, love, LOVE quotes. Song lyrics, movie scripts, lines from books, you name it! I find inspiration everywhere. But this quote is exactly my feelings now.

I’m so…afraid. I’m so afraid to become a stronger person just because it could change everything. I’m afraid that by discovering myself that I’ll lose all of the things that have been me up to this point. But I’m starting to realize…that’s okay. We all change. I’m always going to be this dark brooding inner character, but it’s okay to let myself shine on the outside.

I often find myself saying I can’t, or I probably won’t. I think a lot of times those words come up because I’m simply too afraid too try. I’m scared of failing, and I might be even more afraid of succeeding. I think I’m afraid to see that I’ve had certain things in my this whole time. But I want to grow past that.

So for as many times as I tell myself I can’t do something, I want to say that I will do it anyway!


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